We are avid bulldog lovers and consider ourselves to be passionate hobby breeders. Our main goal is to breed healthy bulldogs and find them great homes. We put a lot of time and thought into our breedings, to try to constantly produce better quality bulldogs. As with any dog no matter the breed, health is vital and we try to have a positive impact on that above everything else both physically and mentally for our puppies. We have made it a practice to provide all buyers with a limited health guarantee that ensures a replacement puppy if your puppy happens to meet with a rare unfortunate life threatening issues. Our main requirement on your end is that you provide them with a loving home of course. If you have prior experience with bulldogs then you may not have many questions, although we've been involved with bulldogs for many years and still learn all the time. If you are fairly new to them and do have any questions you can visit our bulldog info section below or feel free to contact us.


We fell in love with these guys long ago, and if your aren't already, give them a chance and we guarantee you will be. So chances are you are at least familiar to some degree with English Bulldogs. You've probably seen that iconic guy some where... maybe a mascot, a cartoon character or some where else, and you may have noticed the similarities they have with Olde English Bulldogges. Well, that's because they are in fact extremely similar but not without some differences. If you don't already know Olde English Bulldogges are a few inches taller (2''-3''), they generally come in a more variety of colors, and usually are much more healthy of a breed. For many years we were owners of English Bulldogs before becoming involved with Olde English Bulldogges. We love them both, but feel that the health of OEB's is vital. Its been our experience that Olde English Bulldogs have less sensitivities to food, heat, breathing problems, hip & joint concerns, and natural breeding and birthing problems. OEB's still have the 'couch potato' look like their cousins but they fair a bit better off on longer walks or activities as well.